Full Service ABC


Our regional Key Account Management covers 3 essential core elements:


Optimum sales control through state-of-the-art cloud-based IT solutions!

By using state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions from our IT partners (AISsellcom®, MS Office 365) combined with an agile project management, we guarantee our partners a 100 % safe and seamless communication and data management for the effective planning and implementation of all our sales force activities at the point of sale. Taking into account the latest EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and with full transparency.

The sales strategy is planned individually from the beginning and in each case adjusted to the specific requirements of our partners:


Increase your market chances!

You are looking for new strategic concepts and / or a strong creative?

Let us convince you about the advantages to combine our years of experience in dealing with food brands with the expert know-how of developing successful communication strategies. Therefore we are working very close together with external service providers from advertising to ensure the optimal care for your products.

We can also develop a completely new brand identity or create strategic alliances and partnerships for cross promotions, if desired. Anything is possible!

Our POS-experiences combined with the continuous customer feedback and the skills of successful communication consultants creates an ideal platform for comprehensive market analysis and the development of optimized strategies. Take advantage of these important synergies between marketing and sales now.

We are happy to design a variety of promotional activities for you:

  • Sampling campaigns
  • Contests
  • Event promotions
  • Tailor made promotions
  • Launch promotions
  • On-pack promotions
  • Placement of your product range right on the POS / POP
  • Product displays
  • Your sales folder